Hello and welcome to The Finer Things Club!

My name’s Sarah Catherine, a self-styled drinks enthusiast, thrill seeker and culture vulture. My blog features an array of articles that (hopefully) suit a variety of tastes; whether you’re looking for travel advice, restaurant reviews or museum recommendations, it’s all covered.

Essentially working as a creative space, I constantly look to diversify my range and materials by experimenting with articles, reviews and photography, while bringing something fresh and exciting to the blogging world. I’ve been blogging for a fair few years now, and The Finer Things Club has grown into something that not only allows me to document my favourite pastimes, but also share experiences with my lovely readers.

I like to keep this space as open as possible, in order to continually work with like-minded brands, business owners and fellow creatives that fit my particular niche. I always welcome paid reviews, products and experiences that can be promoted through my online platforms, as well as collaborations and gifting opportunities.

I also offer copywriting, social media management and content writing/planning services, which can be adapted accordingly for your upcoming projects. I have 3 years of experience in the field, working with a huge array of B2B and B2C clients along the way. I like to ensure that services are personalised, and tailored to your specific business needs and goals. Feel free to drop me a line at thefinerthingsclub@outlook.com if you’d like to have a chat (I don’t charge for an initial consultation, so don’t be shy!)

Thanks for taking the time out to visit, I really hope you like what you find.

Sarah xox