Buckt: Manchester’s New Activity Subscription Box

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually ordered a subscription box before. You know what I’m referring to- those dinky beauty boxes that are sent to you each month full of makeup. I’m personally not all that adept at applying makeup or keeping up with a stringent beauty routine, but I do like the idea of receiving a cheeky little treat each month. As many of you know, I’m pretty big on food and drink-based outings and experiences, so really wanted to get on board with a subscription service that would allow me to indulge accordingly. As such, I was ridiculously chuffed to hear about Buckt, a brand spanking new activity box service, which would be the first of its kind in Manchester.

In essence, Buckt pretty much works like a bucket list- things you want to do before you die. It’s about escaping from your usual routine to try something fresh and exciting, as well as giving you the opportunity to expand your horizons. They provide you with 5 mystery activities a month, worth on average £50 per person. Activities are varied, and you can give preferences to what sort of things you’d like to get involved with; whether you’re wanting to let off steam with some axe throwing, or sample a few craft ales at a brewery, all the bases are covered.


Each box contains a ‘classic’ activity- think trampoline parks, cinema trips, that sort of thing. You’ll also receive a ‘high end’ outing like go karting or a cheeky spa treatment. On top of this, you’ll be given a more unusual activity that you may not necessarily have taken part in before- think along the lines of sumo wrestling or alpaca walking (on a side note, if I end up going alpaca walking you will never, ever hear the end of it). All nice and varied, and gives you a novel way of filling your weekends.

I’ve decided to opt for a duo box, which allows you to bring a friend to all your activities and explore your home city with a fresh pair of eyes. You have two months to complete the activities from your box, and you don’t always have to take the same person to each event, so you chop and change your friends, colleagues and family members to your heart’s content.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, and there’s no minimum commitment on your behalf. And if you’re concerned about hidden fees or additional charges, don’t fret- everything works completely transparently, so you’re free to come and go as you please. Buckt also have five-star ratings across Trustpilot and Facebook, so you’re in a safe pair of hands.

I’m really chuffed to receive my box in January, so rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot more about my latest Buckt escapades. If you fancy getting involved, feel free to exploit my code accordingly; just tap in FINERTHINGSCLUB at the till and you’ll get a cheeky 50% off a duo box. Not too shabby eh.


Get 50% off a duo box by using my code for sign up: https://www.buckt.uk/buy-a-gift-box/

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