Events: Le Petit Beauty Room Christmas Party

A Christmas themed blog post. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. But instead of trying to flog you a gift guide, I’m instead encouraging you to take some time out and pamper yourself this Christmas. Without trying to come across as a complete misery, it’s important to emphasise that Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time of year for some, with the pressures of the holidays sometimes becoming a bit too much to handle. I haven’t actually made much of a dent into my Christmas shopping as of yet, as the mere thought of wading through hordes of agitated Christmas shoppers is enough to make me reach for a gin.

I was therefore pretty chuffed to find out that Swindon’s Le Petit Beauty Room would be hosting a Christmas party with a twist- the evening would focus upon self- care, with a spot of pampering thrown in for good measure. And considering how frazzled I’ve been as of late, it was exactly what I needed.

For those of you unfamiliar with Le Petit, it’s pretty much THE stand out beauty salon in Swindon’s Old Town. There’s tones of treatments available at fair prices, delivered in indulgent fashion. You’ll find ample supplies of teas, coffees and hot choccies, stacks of reading material, as well as an abundance of candles and fragrances to soothe you at a moment’s notice.

Upon arrival, we were presented with mulled wine and prosecco by the lovely Amy and Charley (I ended up having a glass of each, unsurprisingly) before we made our way around the salon for a full tour. We were spoilt rotten with plenty of jewellery, makeup,  yoga and skin care stations galore.


As the prosecco started to go to my head (I hadn’t had my dinner at this point) I therefore decided the time would be ripe to make a complete tit of myself by embarking upon the ‘wobble board challenge’, sponsored by Euphoria Osteopath Clinic. To provide some context- you essentially had a minute to see how many repetitions you could get through on a balance board, with a prize awarded to the person with the highest total. As a highly competitive individual, I therefore rose to the challenge magnificently. I managed a score of seventeen reps, which won me the competition and a cheeky box of goodies including a miniature bottle of fizz, some chocolates, and the most gorgeous set of bath salts. I was pleased as punch, and also a little tipsy.

A particular highlight of the evening was an opportunity to explore the attic, which plays host to Jill’s Uptown Yoga. For those of you that know me well, you’ll be all too aware of my meagre attempts to keep up with my practice, so I was very much looking forward to getting stuck into some stretches with Jill’s expert guidance.

Without sounding overly gushy, Jill’s yoga practices are nothing short of wonderful. Infinitely patient and knowledgeable, she took time to get to grips with any aches and pains (I store a tonne of stress in my neck and shoulders- the perils of working hunched over a laptop all day) before creating a bespoke one-on-one practice with me to stretch and unwind. It was bloody marvellous. Jill also incorporates relaxation time into her yoga sessions which take place in candlelight, which really does help clear your mind after a particularly hectic day.

To wrap up my evening, I was treated to a Dermalogica skin consultation, also known as ‘skin mapping’. Myself and my lovely rep had a chat about my current skin routine, before tailoring a few products for my poor sensitive skin. We first applied a Pre Cleanse to remove any excess makeup and oil, then adding Essential Cleansing Solution and Daily Microfoliant to lift any dirt from my skin in fuss- free fashion. I normally just use a makeup wipe in the evenings, so it was nice to actually find some products that remove my every-day makeup more effectively.

We then worked towards hydrating my skin as efficiently as possible; we used a combination of products including Ultra Calming Mist and Skin Smoothing cream.  I’m usually so apprehensive about adapting my skin care as it doesn’t take much for my skin to react, but I was pleasantly surprised that my skin came away feeling soft and supple. Considering it was the first time I’d ever given Dermalogica a spin, I was pretty chuffed with the results.

I honestly cannot rave about Le Petit Beauty Room enough, and evenings like this really do prove why they are one of the most-loved salons in Swindon. Staff are so friendly and attentive that you can’t help but feel at ease with them. Every aspect of the salon has been designed with so much care and attention that you almost feel like a weight has been lifted from you the moment you walk through the door. So if the Christmas madness starts to take its toll, get yourself booked in asap. You’ll bloody love it.


To view the full list of treatments available at Le Petit Beauty Room Swindon, visit their website:

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