Review: Photowall Canvas Print

If you’re an avid reader of The Finer Things Club (if so, bravo) then you’ll probably be relatively familiar with my love of aesthetics and all things visual. So when I had the opportunity to spruce up my home décor with a free print from Photowall, I was pleased as punch.

Photowall are basically a really cool Swedish brand that sell a huge variety of canvas prints and murals that are designed rather immaculately, as well as being environmentally friendly. You can also upload your own images to be printed on canvas if you fancy.

Photowall were kind enough to let me pick any print or mural I liked, as well as specifying the measurements of my chosen design. Not a bad deal at all. While there’s literally hundreds of murals and prints for the taking, I decided to opt for something a little quirky and go for a print of the solar system, because I bloody love space. And it goes with the aesthetics of my bedroom pretty nicely.

So here’s my print in all it’s glory. If you decide to grab a print for yourself, I have a handy 20% discount code for you; simply type in TheFinerThingsClubCampaign2018 to get some money off your purchase. It’s only valid for 30 days though, so get your skates on.

Have a browse at all the latest designs at

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