Drinking Diaries: Valentine’s Gin with Magnum Wine Shop

Ok, so I did absolutely promise myself not to write a V day-themed post. But in retaliation to the hordes of ‘create your perfect Valentine’s day nails’ features I’ve seen across Twitter, I feel like I need to end this madness and start writing about something sensible. Like gin.

So regardless of relationship statuses (let’s not even go there) we’re going all out with some love-themed gin. Because everyone deserves to get sozzled on Valentine’s Day.

As per usual, the gin flight will start with more classic, London Dry based blends, before moving on to some experimental notes. The full list can be purchased from Magnum Wine Shop in Swindon, where Brian and Sarah can assist you with all your booze-based desires.




Fifty Pounds Gin and specialist glass, £36.99

A truly underrated gin. This beautiful London Dry is a solid, reliable tipple- at 43.5% ABV, the aroma is a classic lemon and juniper led blend, with signature tasting notes of citrus, angelica, and a subtle hint of coriander. There’s a clean, crisp texture to this gin, and it retains a refreshingly long finish. The addition of the rather fancy balloon glass makes it a perfect treat for any gin fan.

Eden Mill Love Gin, £28.99

An obvious choice perhaps, but a worthy one nonetheless. This gin was originally crafted as a limited Valentine’s Day edition, but proved so popular that it’s now firmly established within the Eden Mill family. Inside this oh-so-pretty ceramic bottle is a surprisingly subtle gin, with hints of vanilla and rose petal. There’s also background notes of rhubarb and berry, with a mellow finish. A great easy drinking choice.

Broken Heart Gin, £32.99

This gin deserves a special mention- not as a cheap joke, promise. Broken Heart Gin was created in New Zealand by Joerg, in memory of his distilling partner Bernd. Essentially a celebration of their friendship and their love of gin, Broken Heart pays tribute to Bernd in a smooth blend of rosemary, lavender, and lemon, with a hint of spice. The most refined, polished gin I’ve had for a good long while.

Edgerton Original Pink Gin, £26.99

I normally steer clear of these garishly pink gins, as I personally find them a little gimmicky for my taste. However, this one I will make an allowance for- not only does it look the part for Valentine’s Day, but it also tastes bloody marvellous. A well-balanced, citrus-forward gin, with background notes of liquorice and subtle spices. For extra V day brownie points, this gin also contains damiana, which is apparently a ‘libido arousing’ herb from Mexico. You’ve been warned.

Roku Japanese Gin, £38.99

The wonderfully ornate Roku gin is a real treasure, made with quintessential Japanese botanicals; sencha and gyokuro tea, cherry blossom and leaves, as well as yuzu and Japanese pepper. Quite a list of bold flavours, but they actually harmonise wonderfully. Top notes of cherry blossom are followed by classic gin flavours before the tea takes over- smoky hits of green tea that burst onto the palette. The texture is smooth with a pleasant mouth feel, and retains an aromatic finish. An intriguing and adventurous gin that demands to be drank neat, with a slight touch of ice.


So whether you’re opting to treat your other half, or spending time sobbing into your pillow this Valentine’s day, at least do it in style. Grab a suitably themed gin from Magnum and brace yourself for the sickliest, cliché day of the year. Happy drinking.


For more information on Magnum’s gin selection, swing by the shop or visit http://www.magnumwineshop.co.uk/

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