Lightwaves 2017


Once again finding solace in the ever-contemporary heart of MediaCityUK, Lightwaves continues its insightful social commentary through the use of digital light displays, which can be viewed in a wide variety of public spaces this Winter.

Curated by a mix of fresh talent and established artists alike, Lightwaves comprises of twelve commissions that offer a sense of interactivity, as well its obviously stunning visuals.

A particular highlight of this year’s exhibition is the ambitious work of Tom Dekyvere- his vast network of luminous ropes, located in the stepping area of MediaCityUK, are poised to reflect the current network of today’s society. A microphone has also been placed in the River Irwell, capturing the sounds underneath the surface, which translate from soundwaves into lightwaves. Dekyvere here explores the boundaries between nature and technology, which illustrates togetherness and collaboration through the metaphoric symbols of sound and vision.

Also featuring in Lightwaves is the ever-talented Jackie Kay, who has constructed a brand new large-scale neon artwork with words or phrases that epitomise a particular mood or moment from 2017. Drawing upon social media to craft her work, Kay has also composed a new poem to accompany her piece, which can be viewed on the Plaza outside The Lowry.

Not only boundless aesthetic quality, Lightwaves 2017 functions as thought-provoking, intriguing ensemble that offers a curious analysis of the interactions of our modern society, and the (dis) connections that can often arise within our digital spheres. This is far more than a collection of pretty lighting- it is an exploration of human relationships, and our connectivity with the online world. A truly fantastic exhibit that proves both poignant and memorable.


LightWaves 2017 is a free exhibition which will be on display at MediaCity UK and Salford Quays until Sunday 17th December.

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