Personal Shopping at Topshop, Intu Trafford Centre

The Holy Grail of the High Street. The one place that manages to keep you both classy and sassy. The reliable retailer that’s always there to help you burn your cash when you have a bad day. Yep, its Topshop.

And this week I’ve been lucky enough to test out the personal shopping service at Topshop’s Trafford Centre branch. The store has undergone a massive refurbishment this year, and it’s a pretty remarkable overhaul-  sleek aesthetics add a modern edge, while subtle lighting and polished displays guide you around the store.  It somehow manages to be packed full of treats, whilst retaining a cool sense of minimalism.

Take a wander down the great spiral staircase and you’ll find the personal shopping area. My lovely assistant Rebecca guided me through some colour schemes that I was keen to try out, offering advice on styles and sizes. On this occasion I thought I’d do away with my usual black ensemble in favour of some sherbert hues of pink and purple, and a few well-placed whites. I’m in love with luxe materials at the moment, and was really hoping to inject some much-needed colour into my wardrobe.

The personal shopping area itself is ridiculously chic. There’s vases of flowers and nibbles available on every highly-polished surface. Throw in some plush furniture, sweet-smelling diffusers, and some very glam mannequins, and its comfy and cool in equal measure. My mum was quite happy rifling through some magazines with a few sweets while I was otherwise engaged.

I was shown to my delightfully pink changing room, which was both roomy and stylish. A cosy seat, fluffy rug, and miniature desk all added to the ambience. Even the lighting was perfect, and I’m usually incredibly fussy about changing room lights. Extra brownie points to Topshop for hitting the spot with this one, as I actually managed to try on my clothes without feeling like a self-conscious frump.

After much deliberation, I ended up purchasing the most beautiful pair of white pants, as well as a lovely pink tea dress reduced to a mere £20. Two items that I probably wouldn’t have considered trying on if left to my own devices. I therefore couldn’t recommend this experience more highly- I felt like an absolute princess during my time at Topshop, and more confident in straying out of my usual comfort zone.  Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and go that extra mile to deliver a seamless service.

Have you tried out Topshop’s personal shopping service before? As per usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!



2 thoughts on “Personal Shopping at Topshop, Intu Trafford Centre

  1. I don’t tend to shop at Topshop, personally I find it too expensive (then again, I don’t like spending more than £10 on an item) but how am I only just hearing about this???
    I’ve always wanted a personal shopping experience and this sounds amazing!! Definitely going to try this, even if it is just for the free nibbles 😉


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