Vogue 100: A Century of Style Exhibition

After an incredibly successful run at London’s National Portrait Gallery, the critically acclaimed Vogue 100: A Century of Style has now found a new home at Manchester Art Gallery.

British Vogue here celebrates its remarkable achievements through its one hundred years of publication, spanning its tentative beginnings in 1916 to the cultural powerhouse that it is today. Boasting credentials in cutting edge fashion, beauty and photography, Robin Muir’s curation proves fascinating, both through its aesthetics and social commentary.

Continuing to reign supreme as the forefront of British fashion, Vogue:100 performs self-reflectively by examining its legacy decade by decade. Featuring iconic works from the likes of Cecil Beaton, Lee Miller, as well as the modern greats such as David Bailey and Testino, British Vogue effortlessly expresses its dedication to world class photography through its bold, creative, and sometimes controversial imagery.

Cultural icons such as Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon, Princess Diana and Kate Moss all make an appearance, as well as designers who proved pivotal in creating the most famous looks in fashion history, such as Dior, McQueen and Lagerfeld. Showcasing vintage prints, innovative images and original magazines, Vogue 100 holds a dazzling array of artefacts that reinforces the publication’s editorial weight.


This exhibition certainly proves why Vogue has not only dominated the fashion world, but will long continue to assert its influence upon British style and culture. For some, it’s just a magazine. For others, Vogue represents an entire lifestyle and belief system. But whatever your outlook, you’ll be hard pushed to argue that the exhibition serves a fascinating, undoubtedly beautiful, cultural and social analysis.


Vogue 100: A Century of Style is a free exhibition on display until Sunday 30th October 2016.


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